Evocative Romance. Unexpected Evil.

An author with a dark side and a light side...happily exploring both.
Gathering Night - Margaret Elphinstone Uniquely written and engaging. Took me a while to get into the rhythm of the story, but it was worth the effort.
Graveminder - Melissa Marr Very creepy premise! Loved the idea, but found I had trouble following the storyline...it felt a bit disjointed to me and I kept flipping ahead to find explanations that would help things make sense. This was my first read from this author...may check out her YAs at some point.
The Thirteen Hallows - Michael Scott, Colette Freedman Enjoyed the mythology aspect of the story, but I'm not a fan of the omniscient viewpoint used. I found myself feeling quite detached from the characters, which isn't something that works well for me in a thriller.
Fool Moon - Jim Butcher Harry Dresden is and always will be one of my favourite characters, and Jim Butcher one of my favourite writers. FOOL MOON just confirmed that for me. :)
House Rules - Jodi Picoult " Solid writing, fairly good grasp of Asperger's issues, but in my opinion the author dropped the proverbial ball when it came to Jacob's mother. The whole trauma of the story could have been avoided with one simple question from her: "Jacob, did you...?" and as the mom of an Aspie, she would have known to do that (yes, I'm speaking from experience). I'll definitely try another of Picoult's books, but this one fell short of the mark for me.(less) "
Hopeless - Colleen Hoover Wow. Just...wow.Well written. Powerful. Tough, tough topic handled with compassion and care. Wonderful.
Bitten - Kelley Armstrong My first Kelley Armstrong read. There will definitely be others!
Summoning - Carol Wolf A fast, fun, solid read. Definitely recommended to anyone who likes urban fantasy!

The Dirty Life: On Farming, Food, and Love

The Dirty Life: On Farming, Food, and Love - Kristin Kimball LOVED this! Having spent a good part of my life relatively close to the land, I appreciated the honesty, humor, and warmth of Kristin's stories. This is a woman who has walked the walk and isn't afraid to talk about it. If you've ever wondered what life on a small working farm is REALLY like, you need to read this book. Beautiful! :)
Clockwork Angel - Cassandra Clare This was my first-ever steampunk read. I avoided getting into this one after reading the first few pages because I sensed that it was going to suck me in and dang it, I was right. Despite the fact that I have a deadline of my own to meet, I found myself sneaking a few minutes here and there just to see what would happen next...and now I can't wait to get my hands on the next one! Loved Tessa, Will, and Jem, and even managed to find a soft spot for Jessamine on occasion. ;) Very much looking forward to finding out more of their stories in book 2.All in all, highly recommended!
Ashfall - Mike Mullin I love a good dystopian novel, and this is definitely one. Mike Mullin has created a chilling story that grabs you by the throat from the beginning and doesn't let go even when you reach the end. This wasn't just a book that I didn't want to put down while I was reading it, it's one that has stayed with me, even days after I finished. It's also one that has me looking at my own emergency preparedness with a critical eye, wondering just how prepared I am for the kind of all-too-possible world Mullin has shown us.

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